CEO: 10 Projects to improve your productivity

1 – Go through all your processes

You will have more time to refocus yourself. You’ll have a global display of your activity and all the related processes. Thus, you will be able to better identify the issues and eliminate them before Fall. This strategic analysis enables you to better identify the silos of your organisation but also to understand how you can save time for your team and improve their productivity all at once.

So, write down your processes and ask your collaborators, to improve your own vision. Moreover, this vision allows you to enhance your empathy, knowing more precisely the difficulty in doing each task. Thus, you’re closer to your teams and you’re showing them your devotion! You can use Draw.io to clarify those processes by displaying them as a diagram.

2 – Plan ahead to improve your productivity

Use this summer time to take a step back in the general situation of your company. Analyse the past year’s results to fix your next goals and priorities. Will you focus on looking for new customers or in making plans to maximise the growth with your current clients? Or maybe even both?

Think about the areas of improvement and the new ideas that you could set up before Fall. Boost your business by structuring it.
Make sure that each idea matches your strengths. Your global vision must be in synch with your goals.
And for these ideas to be implemented, create a Gantt diagram which will allow you to know the production time but also to follow the progress of the projects. MacroGantt is a very intuitive and accessible tool to create this kind of diagram.

3 – Rethink communication and information sharing

A good communication within the company allows to achieve efficiency.
You can use a platform to share instantly all of your files with everyone.
Thereby, everybody sees in real time the progress for each project thanks to the chats which facilitate the exchanges. For example, we think of the projects and team management online platform Teamwork with which you can have a global view of everyone’s projects and their progress and which facilitates communication and information sharing.

4 – Transform your meetings

It’s time to eliminate useless and time-consuming meetings. Not often effective, they stop the work and don’t require everybody’s attendance. To avoid it, you can, for example, condense your weekly meetings.
Make a one-hour video conference each week that everybody will follow even if people are not at the office.
Another way to make your meetings more dynamic and participative: the Klaxoon platform. It offers many ways to animate and make your meetings less monotonous thanks to simple, ludic and effective activities: quiz, polls, challenges, brainstorming, instant messaging, etc …
At the end of the meeting, don’t forget to clearly define the next steps and goals for everyone, and especially, to keep a written record so it can be a basis that you can use at your next meeting.



5 – Offer personalized training plans

Use this summer time to detect the talents and strengths of your employees. Pay attention to their competences and their skills to be improved in order to establish a personalized training plan for each of them. Thanks to this they can deepen their knowledge and improve their productivity. You will gain, in turn, more efficient employees and will be ready to face new and emerging challenges!
To help you in this project you have the possibility to use a talent HR management software as Talentsoft, it collects the requests and training needs to propose targeted and personalized offers.

6 – Value your teams !

What is more motivating for your employees to feel valuable at work? Do not hesitate to put the growth figures in real-time. Your progress remind to your teams that their work has value.
Send a weekly newsletter to all your collaborators to show the good results and acknowledge the general efforts. Finally, use positive adjectives to highlight unity and quality. You can use social collaborative networks such as Workplace or Yammer to simplify this communication and transparency.

7 – Develop your business culture

Enhance your Employee experience to attract and keep the best talents. For that, start to redefine the roles of your employees by offering them responsibilities which are more motivating.
And why not try intrapreneurship? Nothing better to promote initiative and autonomy, moreover this is a fantastic opportunity to fulfill themselves through their work and innovate. Leave your employees free to try the “test and learn” method.
Allow teleworking, your employees will lose less time in transports and therefore they will spend more time working. Less stress and more flexibility will make your teams more competitive and motivated with a better productivity.

8 – Start automating your back-office tasks

With our current technology, we are able to automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks. It allows you to focus on higher value added tasks. Summer is the perfect moment to refocus yourself on your activities. Thus, you will be able to see which tasks are the easier to automate and that you really want to get off in order to improve your productivity.

Your employees have better things to do than spending time on boring tasks and often tedious such as dunning outstanding receivables. This is a great occasion to digitize your company and be ready before the rush of the new year. To help you, we can mention our smart virtual assistant, which simplifies the dunning process in automating cleverly and in protecting your customer relationship.

9 – Invest in a more efficient and modern equipment

Take advantage of the reduction in attendance of offices and the holidays departure of your employees to enhance the working space. Replace the old computers with faster equipment. And think about the workstations ergonomics. We often think that the work office is a simple place where work accidents do not exist. However, in the real world, to leave dysfunctional equipment (even chairs) can create various issues linked to the well-being and comfort of any employee. Your employees will be very pleased of the attention given to their well-being at work and won’t loose time anymore with computers that don’t work, internet cuts, back pains …
Have a look on Fellowes website which offers office equipment adapted to every work environments.

10 – Promote a collaborative work in recreating an appropriate workspace

To rethink the way to work promotes the communication, innovation and motivation within the teams. It also boosts creativity and initiative. Sharing different points of view engages constructive dialogues which might end on new and better ideas.

To promote this state of mind within your company, nothing better than to create an informal relaxing area. It encourages us to share and allows to release the ideas which would not necessarily have been evoked in a formal space of meeting.


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