Software Integrators

Your virtual recovery assistant

You act as an advisor to your clients. You understand how they work and have a clear vision of their strengths and weaknesses. You wish to diversify your offer and bring them more value.

Integrateurs logiciels


In France 61.3% of the invoices sent are paid late.

The average cost of processing an invoice in France for a company is 21€.

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to process an invoice from issuance to reconciliation.

Offre complémentaire pour vos clients

Expand and improve your offer


You understand how your customers’ IT infrastructures work and have identified various opportunities for improvement. You wish to extend your range of action with a complementary offer to yours, solve their problems and bring a new service with high added value.

Easy and transparent integration with your tools

Dunforce acts in a transparent manner that complements the tools already in place in the company. We make the link, we are not just another tool and we integrate very easily on any API.

Intégration facile et transparente
Relation client

Strengthen your customer relationship

By diversifying your offer and bringing added value, you get closer to your customers, build their loyalty and make them more and more indispensable. You build a lasting relationship. You make a strategic bet on the future that you are sure to win.

The virtual assistant to follow-up your receivables,
in a smart and personalized way.


You already have enough tools, Dunforce is not an extra one. The virtual assistant interfaces directly with the tools you use.


Extend your offer and propose to your customers to automate in an intelligent way the management of their client accounts. Offer added value!


The Dunforce solution complements your business. By integrating it with your services, you can strengthen your ties with your customers.




You will be able to apprehend the job of CEO, as well as the difficulties that can lead to a drop in productivity in your teams.



Temoignage client

I need accurate data to be able to manage my company’s accounts and risks.

Wick Sloane, CFO

Why Dunforce? To promote confidence, the key element in the economy. Companies design, produce, sell, and wait to be paid. They lend more money to their customers than banks! And with nearly 50% of invoices paid late, this is a source of mistrust for all businesses.


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