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Your virtual recovery assistant

You manage several million invoices, billions of outstanding invoices. Your challenge is to industrialise the collection process, while ensuring that your level of risk is well controlled. Control your costs without degrading your performance.

Societes d'affacturage


In France 61.3% of the invoices sent are paid late.

The processing of an invoice follows a 7-step procedure

On average in France, late payment of invoices is 12.2 days.

Outil simple et intuitif

Increase your simplicity and optimize your customer relations


You already have many efficient and effective tools for your daily activities. Dunforce integrates seamlessl into them and provides the link between all your different tools. We make sure that your teams can easily adhere to it, without slowing down change. Simply focus on what really matters: the relationship with your customers.

Fully adapt and customize your activities

Dunforce replicates, automates and optimizes the working methods and best practices already used by your employees. You save time, increase efficiency and have the ability to better allocate your resources thanks to a total configuration. Dunforce works on your behalf and adapts itself entirely to your processes. The solution is flexible, adaptable and you retain control over its actions.

Solution adaptable
Recouvrement et Big Data

Gain intelligence and efficiency

Debt collection is a delicate activity that requires the establishment of specific recovery plans according to previously established customer typologies. Thanks to Big Data, you are able to establish an accurate, refined and intelligent scoring system. Your collection is more efficient: your plans are better targeted and more flexible.

The virtual assistant to follow-up your receivables,
in a smart and personalized way.


With Dunforce, your recovery plans are customizable and fully configurable. You always stay in control and can quickly adapt.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, you will be able to anticipate your needs upstream and respond to them more intelligently.


You already have enough tools, Dunforce is not an extra one. The virtual assistant interfaces directly with the tools you use.



Well-being at work, improvement of working conditions,… Do you identify your job? Discover the methods and tools to help your teams!



RPA can benefit all organizations as its applications are diverse and varied. Factoring companies prove to be the ideal candidate as their tasks lend themselves well to automation.

Patricia Nguyen, Financial Director

Why Dunforce? To promote confidence, the key element in the economy. Companies design, produce, sell, and wait to be paid. They lend more money to their customers than banks! And with nearly 50% of invoices paid late, this is a source of mistrust for all businesses.


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