Collecting Agencies

Your virtual recovery assistant

You are often only involved in litigation. You wish to verticalize your offer by directly managing the client workstation and thus benefit from a tracking system to be informed when the invoice goes to litigation.

Sociétés de recouvrement


In France, 61.3% of the invoices sent are paid late.

The processing of an invoice follows a 7-step procedure

On average in France, late payment of invoices is 12.2 days.

Anticiper le risque client

Anticipate your customer risk


Today, you feel that your offer is too focused on the contentious collection of invoices. You want to provide a new service and move up the value chain.
With Dunforce, you get a better understanding of your customers’ entire billing cycle and are able to prevent problems before they happen.

Improve the control of customer files

A better understanding of the entire invoicing process allows you to significantly improve the processing of your customer files. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence you will be able to anticipate their needs. And above all, to respond to them in a more intelligent way.

Processus de facturation
Fidelisation des clients

Build customer loyalty and be more competitive

You have a large client base, but they only call on you in the event of litigation or exceptional situations. By broadening your field of action and increasing the number of points of contact with your customers, you will be able to retain them. And to build a long-term competitive advantage.

The virtual assistant to follow-up your receivables,
in a smart and personalized way.


You have mastered your core business and want to expand. Thanks to Dunforce, you can move up the value chain and become directly involved in the management of your customer accounts.


Dunforce allows you to accumulate data on your customers to better understand their operations and issues. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to respond more accurately.


You are only marginally exploiting the potential of your large customer database. Dunforce enables you to get in touch with them on a more regular basis to build long-term relationships.



You will learn how to better grasp the profession of Office Manager as well as solutions to improve employee experience within your company.


Temoignage client

I need accurate data to be able to manage my company’s accounts and risks. Automating the collection process is a good solution!

Wick Sloane, CFO

Why Dunforce? To promote confidence, the key element in the economy. Companies design, produce, sell, and wait to be paid. They lend more money to their customers than banks! And with nearly 50% of invoices paid late, this is a source of mistrust for all businesses.


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