Office Manager : your productivity depends on your tools

Office Manager

After our introduction in the last article of his multipurpose work, we decided to dig deeper into the evolving position of the Office Manager. We conducted a study by speaking with more than 50 Office Managers to offer you a both fascinating and relevant white paper. Below, a glimpse.


Simplifying the role of Office Manager by digitizing it !

What is an Office Manager ?


The role of the Office Manager is strategic in every company. Real Swiss army knife, he has to be divided between many tasks like bookkeeping, expenses account or even customers reminders.  That is why he needs to develop transversal skills to be at ease in his job.

Multi-tasking and a good time management appear indispensable to manage the whole of the activities. However, we recently witnessed the emergence of digital solutions allowing to simplify the job of the Office manager.

Whether it’s a payroll management solutions, or an intelligent virtual assistant that automates customer reminders, the Office Manager must be equipped with the right tools.

This digitalization is especially vital for them since they need to free up some time to be more productive and focus on more value-added tasks.

10 essential tools for the Office Manager


In the 21th century, knowing how to equip oneself became a competence in its own right.

Imagine a mason without his tools or even a doctor without the best technologies available. Its sounds completely senseless !

It is exactly the same for the Office Managers. Indeed, they have to seek solutions which will allow them to do more than they could with both of their hands. We are all humans and we all have our limits. The automation of smaller value-added tasks enables the Office Manager to be more productive. It provides them with a strategic help in input tasks or helps with a simple automation of emails-to-send for instance.

The Office Manager will therefore have a more strategic role. He will be able to supervise his digital tools and thus have an overview on his operations.

Find more about the job of Office manager and the list of his 10 essential tools in our white paper : “Office manager : how does digitalization transform your job?”



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