Office Manager : your productivity depends on your tools

18 Sep, 2018 | Business, Productivity

After our introduction in the last article, we decided to dig deeper into this rapidly changing job. We investigated by speaking with more than 50 Office Managers to give you a both fascinating and relevant white paper. Below, a glimpse.

Simplifying the role of Office Manager by digitizing it !

What is an Office Manager ?

The Office Manager must be one of the most versatile people in your company. Just like a real Swiss army knife, he has to be able to fulfill many different roles in a strategic manner. Between bookkeeping, office operations, accounting, and maintaining customer relations, the Office Manager must develop a wide-array of transversal skills to be efficient in his job.

Multi-tasking and a good time management are vital to manage the duties of an office. However, we recently witnessed the emergence of digital solutions that allow the Office Mangers to simplify their daily tasks.

Whether it’s payroll management, the processing of expense claims, or even an intelligent virtual assistant that automates customer reminders, the Office Manager must be equipped with the right tools.

This digitalization is more important than ever in order to simplify your daily tasks and become more productive by putting more time into value-added tasks.

10 essential tools for an Office Manager

At the 21th century, knowing how to equip oneself became a competence in its own right.

Imagine a carpenter without his tools or even a doctor without the best technologies available. Its sounds completely absurd !

It is the same for the Office Managers. Indeed, they have to seek solutions which will allow them to do more than they could with just their hands. We are all humans and we all have our limits. The technology, and particularly the automation of daily tasks enables the Office Manager to be more productive. He now can offer strategic help in more complex tasks.

The Office Manager will therefore have a more strategic role, supervising its tools and operations, instead of executing them.

Find the list of 10 tools, and more about the job of Office Manager, in our white paper : “Office manager : how does digitalization transform your job?”



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