Office Manager : Superhero of modern times


Office Manager is a key role. It can be considered as a vital part of the team which enables to connect the whole organization. Indeed, they are responsible for the proper functioning of the office. They have to ensure the well-being of their employees and help to build a high and durable corporate culture.

At the line of Human Resources, Administration and Bookkeeping, the Office Manager has a lot of challenging missions. And these can sometimes be thankless. He has to collaborate efficiently with his colleagues and manage the relations with different service providers of the company. These include both customers and suppliers.

It is not uncommon to see him juggling between customers’ invoices, a lot of suppliers’ order forms and employees’ expense accounts. The whole with one hand, with the telephone of the switchboard in the other one. Superhero of modern times, the Office Manager is characterized by his adaptability and his foolproof resistance.

But in every story including a Superhero, there must be a villain who threatens the survival of human race. The Office Manager also has to face his worst enemy, against which he fights everyday : the time. The multi-tasking and daily urgencies to which he has to answer kills fairly quickly his productivity. He is constrained to operate as and when and has less and less time to forecast and anticipate the needs of his colleagues.

As every Superhero, the Office Manager is not infallible. He has to own the right superpowers to complete successfully his mission to fight against whichever evil threatens him : some amazing tools.

In front of the challenges he meets and the growing complexity of his activity, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents are not enough. He has to own performant and innovative solutions.


#1 : Slack

The Office Manager constitutes the nerve center of the company. He has to be able to obtain information he needs fairly quickly and has to be easily reachable by his colleagues.

For intern communication, Slack is the best tool. It will be the end of the email assemblies.

Slack is a collaborative communication platform. It enables you to communicate, send documents, archive and create online teamwork to collaborate efficiently.

Slack also enables a more elaborate use with a lot of possible integration. It can be done through various tools such as Dropbox, Trello, Twitter or even Google.

The icing on the cake, Slack also offers a lot of integration possibilities for those who want to maximize the customization.


#2 : Trello

Trello is a tool of collaborative tasks gestion which supports you daily in the analysis of your work, your time and the management of your organisation.

The tool works with a card system for each task to complete. With the possibility to write comments, download attached document, create check-list, add etiquette and deadlines to be respected, etc.

The interest of Trello is that you can invite as many people as you want to work with you, freely. With a simple drag and drop, you attribute the different tasks to concerned people and they are immediately notified.


#3 : JulieDesk

JulieDesk will become your best friend. This service of virtual assistant will enable you to manage all of your meetings, working entirely by emails. The objective is to facilitate the management of your agenda from information included in emails.

“When you copy her in on an email, she will take the lead on the conversation and will find a slot which fits well for you and your interlocutor. Once the slot to speak with your interlocutor is found, she confirms the meeting in your dairy and sends the corresponding invitations. She can also note an event in your calendar or even cancel or deplace a meeting instead of you if you ask her.”

The best tool to gain time and avoid the incessant back and forth with your different interlocutors.


#4 : Dunforce

The follow-up of your invoices and customer reminders are demanding tasks which ask for precision and organization and… time ! The tasks asked are repetitives, time-wasting and bring less value-added. And it is very easy to be overwhelmed when the number of generated invoices by weeks can be counted by hundreds.

Dunforce has a mission to support the Office Manager through this mission. It automates the dunning process in a very intelligent way. Personalized roadmap for the follow-up of different kinds of invoices, multi-channels reminders and overview to see the state of the money you are owed in no time at all. The objective is to simplify, make the process more efficient and enable you to have more time in this crucial activity.

At the end of the story, it is always the Superhero who wins. But at one condition : the one to have the right superpowers.

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