Dunforce wins La Poste’s competition to attend Web Summit 2016

28 Oct, 2016 | Business

Sponsored by La Poste, Dunforce will be present at the Web Summit 2016. What a great opportunity for us to exchange, partners, sell.

Because the Web Summit is the great mass of innovation. Once a year, more than 50,000 people, 7,000 companies gather to share ideas, project. The cream of Silicon Valley comes to meet the world … And after Dublin in 2015, this year it is a little further south, in Lisbon, Portugal where will meet the best of web companies.

La Poste, the French operator for mail, via its innovative structures, joined this important event. And decided to promote the best French start ups of the moment. It has selected 4 companies among 100 highly innovative, specialized on fintechs. To make the best choice, they were helped – in addition to the Postal Bank – by experts in the field, Paypal Partech, Axa Venture, BlackFin, Serena, 360 Capital …
If you’re at WebSummit this year, let’s meet. A little ping on #dunforce or contact@dunforce.io …

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