Getting paid on time
has never been easier

Dunforce automatises your dunning


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With Dunforce, reduce your cost of tracking receivables by 80% !

Manage invoices in 1 click,
quite simply !

Dunforce integrates with your ERP or accounting software. Or even easier, just send your invoices by mail to the platform, we take care of the rest!


Supervise your dunning,
with intuitive dashboard

All outstanding actions concerning your receivables are centralized. With key indicators to track your performance and your cash flow risks.

Automated dunning,
do not waste time

Dunforce automates all your reminders so you can concentrate on the basics: your customer relationship and your other value-added tasks.

Personalised dunning,
respecting your clients!

A tailor-made dunning plan customised to each client, according to your habits and the advice suggested by the platform. You control each step and every message.

Improved cash flow,
without error or omission!

Dunforce does not forget any reminders and applies pressure on each customer. You get paid faster (on average 15%), while respecting your business relationship.

“With Dunforce, our company has reduced the time spent on these tasks by 90% and shortened average payment delays by nearly 35%!”


Serge Papo, CEO of Nomination

“Our company operates in several countries, with various customer profiles. Dunforce is essential to ensure our development “


Patricia Nguyen, Financial Director at AVIGAR

“Debt tracking is a ungrateful task that Dunforce has finally come up with!
A saving of time and cash flow unimaginable, for the whole team “


Stephan Maza, Office Manager at EUROMED

Serge Papo CEO de Nomination

Pricing without surprise

A simple pricing that evolves with your business.
No long term commitment, no set up fees. 

100 invoices per month > 289

More than 400 invoices a month?
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