One of the most complete e-payments platforms

Dunforce automates the thankless task of collection. In this perspective, this software aims at 3 main services:

As you probably already know, payment methods are changing. It is important to be able to offer your customers the newest alternatives, such as credit cards or Sepa Direct Debit. This is a complicated, costly but very important issue … It’s also about guaranteeing your incomes. Customers validate their invoices and their due dates and proceed to check out with their credit cards or Sepa.

With Dunforce, you will be able to offer all possible payment methods, from credit cards to Sepa Direct Debit with all of its available options. For example, you can validate the payment today but pay later.The idea is to also offer a quick banking transaction with an effective reconciliation. Additionally, our anti-fraud system is good enough to ensure the peace of mind of you and your customers.

Easier and quicker
for your clients.

You can offer all payment options currently available on the market, enjoy our rates, without having to worry about security or software issues. You can even offer them the possibility of confirming a payment method and pay on the due date with just one click.

Secure your debts with
Sepa Direct Debit

SDD is an opportunity to optimize the liquidity of your company. From the customers’ perspective, you are the master of payments! Invoice processing becomes much easier, ensuring the payment at the different due dates and an immediate monetary reconciliation.

Receive payments from everywhereby all methods available

Your business must adjust to the modern standards of making life easier for your customers, offering all possible payment methods. You can get paid in Germany or in the Netherlands or in 28 European countries with SEPA Direct Debit. Or with a credit card such as American Express, or with other alternatives such as PayPal or Bitcoin, from anywhere in the world.


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