(Fake) Dilemma for bad bosses: change or disappear! (Part 1)


Work is changing


In May 2017, a company I was supporting was once again about to bankrupt. It had been founded 12 years ago and they finally couldn’t pay their employees anymore. The team was falling in ruin. A project in which they had all invested ended up spinning out of control, and all of that, because of a bad customer. Nevertheless, a page was about to be turned. I remember that this evening, tears in their eyes, the two partners promised to each other that  they would never lower their heads in front of a customer ever again. And to succeed , they would have to change, to restart, they would have to redefine their principles and stick to them, because it’s the only solution to hold your head high. Without really realizing it, this day, we were about to reinvent the corporate culture of their company. We undertook to define the principles to be detailed, to confront them and finally argue to make sure they are as fair as possible. The final assessment was that human is their most important resource. It had to be their focus again.



Innovation : death of bad bosses ?


To be straightforward, the new culture defines the main mission which is “Human-first” and a vision : a world where a company is able to put the  human the center of its preoccupations, even before its ambitions. But this idea is not a “flower power” motto, far from that !


Evolutions in terms of computer sciences between the years 2000 and 2010 taught us that digitalization gives people superpowers, huge possibilities to learn and develop. On the other side, companies, to grow or even just survive in this century, will have to learn how to maintain different relationships with their customers and especially to train their teams around a key objective : satisfaction of their customer while defending their offer. The role of a boss will, more than ever, be a key role and will have to change. Stop with sharks, stop with autocrats, collaboration enables to surpass, the collective intelligence going further than the solitary mind.



Change or disappear!


The rhythm of digitalization imposed by innovatives companies is frenetic. Companies which do not adapt will die, it is a fact. But to innovate, companies need adapted human resources. Not only adapted but also complementary and motivated teams. Besides, the problem that companies face today is linked to their structure which is not ready for this innovation. Why ? Let us consider an ordinary person  in the company we will call Paul. Paul doesn’t have a sufficient motivation in a hierarchical structure which was made for efficiency, and which was thought to give a clear order chain. If we take a closer look at the current structure we see that intermediate managers dictate to their employees what they have to do. These decisions which were taken by other people, higher in the hierarchy, with whom they may not agree. It is almost impossible to maintain the motivation in this context and unfortunately it is the plague of 2018. There exists a survey, sadly known, from the Towers Watson office which is saying that only one person out of eight feels motivated by their job. Not only is it grave but it is also sad.


But let us come back to the original problem : if to survive in this digital world it is primordial to innovate and that to innovate you need motivated employees, then how can we create a new way of gestion which will help us to innovate and develop motivation ?




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