Why digitize your company during summer?

24 Jul, 2018 | Business, Productivity

Every year, companies face a decrease of their operations during summer. Employees and customers leave on holidays and those who are still at work wear themselves out mumbling on the answering machine of a prospect who is on vacation on the other side of the world. Why not take advantage of this quiet moment to digitize your company ?


Take a look back on your situation before digitizing !


Indeed, this decrease in activity has, at least, the advantage to make some time to take a step back about your company’s current state. It highlight the problems and above all find solutions to optimize the processes. Thus, you will be able to update your strategy. You will identify the different areas of improvement to be more efficient once the summer holidays come to an end.

In the digital boom, rare are the companies that have not understood the stake yet, but above all, the necessity to digitize in search of a more important productivity.

Take advantage of these two months of summer to organize the post-holidays season ! Transform your workflow by switching for digital is certainly the best thing to do to be ready to face the increased post-holidays activities. 



Start to automate your tasks !


Why not start by getting rid of all of your boring and time-consuming tasks that are barriers to productivity by automating them ?

During this period you certainly encounter less sales opportunities. Thus you will have more time to consolidate your relations with your existing customers. You will be able to dispose of the low value-added tasks using automation.

Take advantage of these two months of slow activity to identify the tasks that could be automatized and that will have more impact on your company.

You can preschedule the sending of your emails with a tool like Mailjet and keep on communicating with your prospects even while on vacation. Automate the publications on social networks and keep on broadcasting content even during a period of absence. It will enable you to stay in touch with your customers to make sure that they keep you in mind.

Tired of dunning your customers for the umpteenth time so that they finally pay your invoices? Use a smart recovery software which takes care of sending reminders for you while respecting your customer relation.



Time to facilitate change !


Digitizing a company doesn’t happen overnight, it is a long and progressive process. That is why summer is the ideal period to have a try. You will have less activity so more time. Thus, you and your employees can get used to digitalization before the rush caused by the end of holidays.

We do something right only when we know it well. So it is necessary that your employees have a good control over new digital tools and this new way of work if you want to stay productive. Your teams will be able to acclimatize more serenely. They will enjoy summer like a learning phase without being given extra work since the period will be quieter.

As soon as those processes are earned by your colleagues, digitalization will have real positive impacts on productivity. You will be able to observe the results fairly quickly.

Thus, you will be able to start the year being more efficient thanks to a new and innovative strategy.




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