Digitalization: a well-being and growth factor

27 Jul, 2018 | Business

In 2018, digitalization is the first lever of growth for companies. However, we notice a drastic difference between the smallest and biggest SMB’s.

Indeed, French SMB’s have only recently introduced their digitalization process (or at least intend to introduce it). In contrast, most of the ETI and big companies have already implemented the process years ago. Those companies have already benefited from the advantages of this digitalization for their growth and the well-being of their teams.


What is digitalization or digital transformation ?


According to a recent Deloitte survey, digitized SMB’s are 3.5 times more susceptible to export their products.  The shortfall compared to this digitalization is nowadays estimated at 1,5 millions of domestic consumers. Besides, in this same survey, we notice that digital transformation favors the growth in France, increasing sales by 40% on average.


In this new context of constant digital involvement of the consumer, we witnessed a proliferation of digital tools in the few last years, favoring the hatching and prosperity of “digitized”. These different tools come in very different ways. They can be basic such as websites and social networks, or advanced such as marketing automation or the virtual assistants of back office.


Software suites or data analysis programs also favor efficiency and optimization of corporate processes. This optimization of companies processes is possible thanks to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) which enables an intelligent automation thanks by the latest technologies of artificial intelligence. Thus, they enable us to improve the consumer relationship, allowing us to increase the level of available information but also ensuring that processes are systematized and executed at the necessary rhythm. All of that ensures the well-being of the employees, enabling them to be exempted of useless pressure.


For most SMB’s, the transformation needs to go towards digital maturity.  Thus, the first step is the integration of digital tools supposed to improve the efficiency of their activity and to offer online sales solution. The end goal of this is to transform the organization into a completely connected structure.

And directors need to be the first ones to be involved in this digitalization. They have to lead the implementation of those tools, or at least help with the process of digitalization and automation.

Think about your colleagues, they have to be able to multitask, however, the human brain has difficulties with this process.

The access to these tools has become really simple and affordable. For a few dollars a month, you can implement a CRM or a virtual assistant for your invoices. These digital tools enable you to boost the motivation and productivity of your teams. Indeed, we are searching to simplify and structure these processes to make value-added tasks the first focus of companies.


But what are the direct advantages of those digital tools?



Increase productivity


First, digitalization clearly improves productivity. Indeed, digitizing and automating a number of processes such as your marketing or your customer reminders, you enable your colleagues to focus on high value-added tasks and nor the labor intensive ones. Your foundations are also solidified thanks to digitalization. Take as a concrete example, your customer reminders. Today, in SMB’s, we note that most of the organisations are doing a follow-up of their receipts thanks to an excel spreadsheet. The latter needs to be checked off and analyzed to know who you need to call again.

However, if the colleague in charge of this task is absent or ill, the follow-up cannot be done. But if this colleague’s work is ensured by a digital technology such as Dunforce, he will be assisted by a machine that will ensure the sending of necessary notifications. It will also advise the right person at the right time to realize the follow-up calls.

Dunforce provides you with a relevant and flawless dunning process and quality service. And there are no best ways to take this burden off your team’s shoulders.



Improve competitiveness for your growth


The rise of digital tools improves the competitiveness of SMB’s. It allows them to reach the same markets as the ETI or CAC 40.

Their potential markets are increasing, allowing them to be positioned in front of more important organizations. But how is this possible ?


Indeed, you will have to invest in the right tools to support better balanced teams. Experts in each field, and people who will create links between different parties will be the token to trigger important collaboration in your company.

All SMB’s or startups can be positioned in front of their highest competitors. The benefit of the web is that everybody is on the same level. Thus, if your strategy is better executed, you will definitely win market shares.



Reinforce your customer relationship


The third, and most important, input will be for the customer relationship in two particular fields.

To start, the digitalization enables you to better understand and know your customers. The CRM will be your sales teams’ memory. The sales intelligence tools will in turn tell you how to speak to them, and help you situate them in their purchase process.

This analysis enables you to be more relevant when you communicate with your colleagues, and helps to develop your customer intimacy. This “intimacy” is becoming more and more important in the relationship your develop with your customer because the development of competition transforms the way your customers shop. They buy because they have confidence in your sales teams. They buy because they know they will be able to count on your company.


The second important component is about the time you will dedicate to your customer relation. We know that time is the most precious resource for organizations. The issue is to optimize the way your team organizes themselves to let them free a maximum amount of time to spend with customers. Whether it is for their acquisition, their satisfaction or retention.

Thus, the implementation of automated solutions enable you to make some time for your team, eliminating a high number of tasks. This additional time can be dedicated to your customers to better support and understand the evolution of their stakes. It will help your company to evolve and outperform.



Favour the well-being at work


One of the most important aspects of digitalization: the well-being of your colleagues. It appears contradictory for a lot of people but the digitalization, as well as automation, enable you to improve your colleagues work conditions. Indeed, we can observe a change of their job.

According to a survey of McKinsey, 43% of jobs could be, partly, automated. Thus, supporting your teams, giving them further information and eliminating the tasks less urgent, your colleagues are more motivated information and involved.

With this digitization and automation, you can have a corporate culture favoring well-being, and you can hope productivity to increase from 20 to 50%.


The productivity and well-being of your teams are highly correlated today.

To begin with, well-being decreases the turnover rate, which avoids the loss of expertise. Besides, the involvement of your teams will be a sign of performance improvement.

Indeed, a lot of surveys show that people motivated by their post are  80% more effective.

And this is why this is now time for your company to follow this digital path by developing the well-being of your colleagues, the origin of motivation and involvement of your team.


Find here how to take advantage of a 10-tool-list which enables you to digitize and automate your key processes!


And you, what is your next digital move ?



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