CEO: 10 tools to improve the well being of your teams

20 Jul, 2018 | Business

What is the CEO’s role in the organization ?

The CEO’s role in the organization is a strategic one. It is on his shoulders that the main decisions are placed and the responsibility of a company functioning efficiently. True “orchestra conductor”, his manager’s qualities are very important to ensure economic balance and to define and apply an enterprise strategy. Another indispensable CEO’s quality : how to surround themself. It means that they have to hire people who are better than him in each strategic positions of the company. However, hiring good people is not enough. He must give them responsibilities and give meaning to their work as mentioned in our previous article. Therefore, it is now indispensable to set up the right tools in order to make your teams more productive. Indeed, the digital transformation is a well-being and growth factor, as mentioned in our previous article.

Thus we will evoke here 10 tools which will help you to structure better your organization and to strengthen your foundations.



To start with the organization, we will mention Google G-suite, including Drive, Word, Excel and Powerpoint online! So you can create any document online and share it with anyone internally or externally. The best way to make your teams collaborate and keep all documents in the Cloud avoiding any loss..



To continue about the organization, you need a tool to communicate internally! Slack can become your best friend. Forget the emails and Whatsapp groups where all the information is lost, you will converse very fast with everyone avoiding time loss.



To understand your customers and their buying journey, Google Analytics and Tag manager will be your best friends. A SEO/SEM specialist will be indispensable in your organization so that you can position yourself over the long term on the research engines and in your customers’ mind. This tool will enable him to search continually improvements and thus to set up an ongoing process of optimization of conversations.



The famous CRM for your sales teams. Here, our choice is on the market leader, Salesforce. This tool will enable your teams to keep track of all the exchanges that they had with their customers. This “memory” enables your salespeople to be more relevant with your customers. Think about the connection between your Gmail, Salesforce, Hubspot or also Google analytics. The linking of tools avoids information loss.



Still for your salespeople, we noticed a big transformation in the way of contacting and following customers. Thus LinkedIn and the social selling have become a new development lever. The Sales Navigator subscription enables your teams to contact any sales lead. With this you can adopt a qualitative approach more interesting for the conversions than the simple cold calling.



To stay in customer analysis and their segmentation it will be important to set up a marketing tool to automate the top of the commercial “pipe”. Hubspot is now the strongest tool of the market to make a “lead scoring” (analysis of the sales leads’ behaviour and rating) to which we can attach automation scenarios promoting conversion.



Digitizing brings big changes in the marketing strategies, the natural referencing also called SEO becomes one of the most important strategies. Thus, tools such as Moz enable you to optimise your strategy. In analyzing your key words, in creating backlinks or also in making an audit directly on your website, MOZ will give you the keys of sucess for your SEO.



To help your administrative teams in the management of payments, we chose to present Payfit. It makes the  management of payments easier helping you in the initial settings. It also automates the social declarations avoiding mistakes and loss which can be the source of URSSAF sanctions for example. It avoids time loss linked to payment.



For your dunning notices, the best solution is the virtual assistant Dunforce. It automates your dunning notices by duplicating your processes. Your customers receive emails from your address, mails with your headed paper, they don’t notice anything. Dunforce helps you to structure your dunning notices but above all not to lose time with the scoring anymore and to focus yourself on the essential things, to exchange with your customer to make him decide to pay.



To conclude with a solution dedicated to the well-being of your employees, you must integrate Lunchr. This application offers to strengthen your teams around the lunch break! By making your lunch time funnier you bring your teams closer and create a great dynamic in the organization. And it is not all! They’ve just launched themselves in the meal voucher market, so let your collaborators enjoy this application and a credit card instead of the paper is distributed and then get lost most of the time.


CEO, the new coach of the company

Nowadays, the CEO is the coach of the company. He musts help and do everything he can so that his collaborators (and not his employees) feel fulfilled in their jobs. The new digital tools make the  job of collaborators easier by providing a precious help in all of their tasks, as detailed in one of our articles. In 2018, the CEO must be the engine of change in his organization and take the position of educator instead of an omnipotent chief. This help and this coaching become more and more important with the innovation rhythm we are facing. Helping your teams will be guarantee for success and growth. Pay attention to your desire of controlling everything, it will demotivate teams and the heart of your organizations.



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