It makes the monitoring process much easier and it promotes teamwork for collection processes.

Dunforce automates the thankless task of collection. In this perspective, this software aims at 3 main services:

As for the centralization of information, the biggest challenge is to compile payments and collection information into one single platform, making the monitoring process much easier and promoting joined efforts. The collection is a very difficult teamwork. Accounting knows about accounts, but not about customers. Sellers know about customers, but not enough about invoices. Lawyers are likely to go to a court. This collection task involves everyone, but it is the manager who ends up worrying about the cash!

Dunforce can be integrated with your accounting software thanks to our API or through a simple email that will allow you to centralize your receivables. Thanks to this, the load of work will be much lighter for the finance, legal and sales departments, since they can now monitor these processes and get involved only when it becomes necessary. You can even benefit from periodic reminders that will let you know when to get involved.

All of your receivables
on a single platform

Regardless of the software you are using, our unique API simplifies the way credits are reflected in your computer (invoices, contracts …) allowing you to visualize the possible collection actions to take in the future. You can also send your invoices and simply use it as a support platform.

The dashboard,
a monitoring tool

The dashboard lets you monitor your outstanding debts and collections on progress. Browsing through the side options gives you a quick access to the details of each item.

Sharing information

You can create an organization in less than 3 minutes, including business contact information that can be shared with all customers. You may also invite other commercial services or similar in order for them to assist in collection processes.

Keeping posted
has never been simpler

The dashboard displays all payment requests from customers and their different status. It is a very simple tool that allows the team to monitor the status of each invoice your business has issued and take a suitable strategy depending on the type of customer we are dealing with.


A thorough analysis in order to optimize debt collection. Free of charge, no obligation.