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Office Manager : your productivity depends on your tools

After our introduction in the last article, we decided to dig deeper into this rapidly changing job. We investigated by speaking with more than 50 Office Managers to give you a both fascinating and relevant white paper. Below, a glimpse.   Simplifying the role of...

The new acronym you need to know : RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotics are starting to transform the industries. In an interview, Xavier Lhuer, a principal associate in McKinsey’s London, speaks with Leslie Willcocks, a technology, work and globalization teacher in the London School of Economics, about his works on the RPA issue...

Is the Macron law efficient for the debt recovery?

By a decree on March 9th 2016, a new procedure concerning the recovery of unpaid items has emerged through the law of “modernisation of the economy”, also known as the Macron law. The ambition of this approach was promising, but it is interesting to go back on it to...

Alexandre RUIZ : employing digitalization is not an option but a necessity for a SMB

As part of our series of interviews with heads of companies and financial directors about growth issues and its structuring, this week we interviewed Alexandre Ruiz, CEO in AR Consulting. Description of the activity Humans are resistant to change. The key to the...

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