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By 2025, all back office functions will be automated. This innovation improves the daily lives of teams and the sustainability of companies with securing cash flow. Keep you informed!

CEO: 10 Projects to improve your productivity

CEO: 10 Projects to improve your productivity

1 - Go through all your processes You will have more time to refocus yourself. You’ll have a global display of your activity and all the related processes. Thus, you will be able to better identify...

Why digitize your company during summer?

Why digitize your company during summer?

Every year, companies face a decrease of their operations during summer. Employees and customers leave on holidays and those who are still at work wear themselves out mumbling on the answering...

Factoring or risk insurance, are they useful?

Factoring or risk insurance, are they useful?

The world of corporate finance has many strategies, concepts, and methods of making money and running smoothly. Some are more effective than others, and some aren’t effective at all. Yet they are...

Best Practice #2: Always Improve

If there’s one thing that’s true about the efficiency of business no matter what aspect of it you are discussing, it’s the fact that more efficiency in the workplace makes the entire system operate...

Best Practice #3: Quality Information

When it comes to a process as delicate as collecting money, nothing is going to make that process more frustrating than having inaccurate information in regards to it. Everyone would like the...

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Pourquoi Dunforce ? Pour favoriser la confiance, l’élément clé de l’économie. Les entreprises conçoivent, produisent, vendent, et attendent d’être payé. Elles prêtent plus d’argent à leurs clients que les banques ! Et avec près de 50 % des factures payées en retard, c’est une source de défiance pour toutes les entreprises. Avec sa solution, Dunforce restaure ce lien fondamental de confiance.


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