A customer-oriented collection with great time savings.
Dunforce automates the thankless task of collection. In this perspective, this software aims at 3 main services:

As for the intelligent automation of reminders, the most difficult part of automating the thankless task of reminding customers of their payments is maintaining the respect. However, sometimes it ends up being a waste of time, money and a cause of stress. It is a job that not everyone likes to do and that is often forgotten because there is no clear way on how to do it, plus it will always depend on people and their financial availability. Otherwise, everyone would end up putting pressure on the treasury!

Our intelligent algorithm guarantees a systematic collection, within the framework of customer respect. The service ensures more efficiency since it starts the collection process in advance. The power of Dunforce can be applied to customers through email, SMS, letters, automated calls, among others. Furthermore, you can also have access to the historical collection, a feature which is just perfect for the legal department, as these daily reports allow them to track actions in real time, adjusting their solutions in accordance to what is displayed on the screen.

An algorithm for
intelligent monitoring

Our algorithm is based on an automated learning system that keeps a track of the habits of the customers, being able to determine the possible payment dates. The calendar lets you control all customer reactions and create a collection plan personally adjusted for each one of them.

Complicated collections
sorted automatically

Dunforce sends all necessary documents to arrange customers’ payments and organizes the correspondent monitoring. Then, Dunforce sends notifications before the due date of the debt in order to point out to the customer the priority of its payment. Similarly, there are reminders that adjust depending on the customer’s reaction when receiving the first demand for payment. There are many ways to apply this mechanism (email, postal mail, SMS, automated calls …).

Daily reports
to stay up to date

The platform sends information regarding the status of your active credits. This periodic report is sent to the team members or inserted directly into your software. You can share it with as many people as you would like. And you can even get a customer history for specific purposes (litigation, transactions, renegotiations …).


A thorough analysis in order to optimize debt collection. Free of charge, no obligation.